What To Get For Dog Walks And Travel

Part of the fun of having a dog is taking him/her on walks and on trips out into the big wide world. This is important for dogs as it gives them a chance to exercise, experience new smells, socialize with people and other dogs, and learn new things.

At the very least, your dog will need a harness, leash, poop bags, and water for outings. But there are other things you’ll need to keep your dog safe, especially if he/she will be traveling in the car…

Harness and Leash

My recommendation:  Rogz H-Harness from Amazon

Price range: $19

I highly recommend an H harness for your dog. This type of harness goes over your dog’s head and one leg, before snapping closed around the chest area.

I’m not a fan of step-in harnesses – your dog puts one leg in each hole and the harness wraps around the chest to snap closed along the spine. I’ve tried these harnesses and my dogs reverse engineer their way out during walks.

All my dogs have an H-Harness because they CAN’T get out of these harnesses and disappear on me.

 Just be sure to get a leash that’s thick enough for your dog’s size – bigger dogs need thicker leashes.

A ground stake, like this one from Amazon, comes in handy if you ever go camping or for a picnic and your dog needs to stay on a leash. Just screw the stake into the ground and secure the leash to it. Your dog can move around a bit but won’t be able to run off.

Water and Food Bowls

My recommendation:  Dog Water Food Bottle from Amazon

Price range: $13

There are so many nifty little travel bottles and bowls available for pets.

I personally like this Dog Water Food Bottle because you can carry food and water in one container, with a bowl for each.

Whatever travel bottles/bowls you get, make sure that the bottle doesn’t leak and the plastic is pet safe and BPA free.

Before you leave home, fill your bottle with water and/or pellets, and off you and your best friend go!

Poop Bags

My recommendation:  Gorilla Supply Dog Waste Bags and Dispenser from Amazon

Price range: $17 for 1000

Any cheap poop bags will do – I make sure I buy enough so I never run out (I’ve had to ask people for poop bags in parks before).

Exercise and all the excitement of being outside often makes dogs need to go. Sometimes we don’t even make 10 steps before I need a poop bag.

The easiest way to use a dog poop bag is to stick one hand into the poop bag, to form a sort of plastic glove. Scoop up the poop with this covered hand, then roll the top of the bag back over the poop, so the bag is inside out. Tie the top and throw the bag in a bin.


Any towel will do here – new or old.

I keep an old swimming towel in the car for beach days and muddy days, when I need to rub down the dogs before putting them in the car.

Back Seat Car Seat Cover

My recommendation:  Kytely Dog Car Seat Cover Waterproof from Amazon

Price range: $28

A car seat cover will protect your seats from dog hair, scratches, and muddy paws.

They are 100% worth the investment in my opinion and I wouldn’t travel without one.

P.S. I recommend getting a car seat cover that’s machine washable to make for easy cleaning!

Seatbelt Lock

My recommendation:  Vastar Dog Seat Belt Harness from Amazon

Price range: $11

A seatbelt lock is a very handy and cheap tool that makes driving in a car much safer for your dog.

It’s basically a short leash with a seatbelt clip. One end of the leash clips into the backseat seatbelt. The other end of the leash is attached to your dog’s harness.

This seatbelt lock keeps your dog safe and secure in one place, so they can’t run around or try to climb to the front of the car. It also keeps your dog in the backseat if there’s ever an accident, so they don’t go flying forward.

If you have a car seat cover and you want to use a seatbelt lock for safety, be sure to get a seat cover that lets the seatbelt locks through, like this car seat cover from Amazon.

There are dog safety harnesses available that tie around the headrest of the back seat instead of clipping into the seatbelt clip, like these from Amazon. This is a good option if you can’t access the seatbelt locks.

Front Seat Barrier

My recommendation:  Car Dog Barrier Pet Front Seat from Amazon

Price range: $16

What’s on my wish list:  Bushwacker Deluxe Dog Barrier from Amazon

Price range: $85

My dogs are curious and often want to climb over the back seat cover to join me in the front seat.

A great solution for front seat sneakers is a barrier. The barrier runs across the open area between the two front seats, so the dog can see through but can’t climb through – works like a charm!

Enjoy all those walks and happy travels!