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I’ve had dogs all my life and one thing I know for sure is that toys are part of the fun of living with a dog. Every dog has their favorite toys to play with.

So, how much do dog toys really cost?

Most dog toys cost between $8 and $19. Expect to pay less than $10 for balls and small stuffed toys, $13 for high-quality chew toys, and between $14 and $20 for tug toys and puzzles. The price tag often differs with the quality and materials for making the toy.

Many people buy cheap dog toys that don’t last or they buy many toys that their dog will never play with. There’s actually a lot to choosing the right toy for your puppy or dog. Knowing the real costs of different toys will make a huge difference in your dog’s happiness and you not being surprised by how much you are spending on doggy entertainment.

Different types of dog toys and how much they cost

The cost of balls and fetch dog toys

How much do dog balls cost

If your dog loves running after things and playing fetch, like these popular dog breeds, then they will need some balls and fetch toys. Here’s a general guide for how much these toys will cost to buy:

  • $4 for a pack of 3 tennis balls
  • $5 for a medium squeaker ball toy
  • $25 for ball thrower and ball set
  • $10-$20 for a dog flying disc
  • $121 for iFetch interactive ball launcher

The price of plush or teddy dog toys

How much do stuffed dog toys cost 2

Some dogs love to chew on stuffed plush toys. Most of these types of toys cost between $9 and $13.

Be sure to take the toy away if it’s torn open and stuffing is coming out, as it becomes a choking hazard for your dog.

Young puppies or dogs that suffer from anxiety can also benefit from a large plush toy to snuggle up to. These are called behavioral toys and cost around $20-$25.

Some toys even let you put a hot water bottle inside to keep your pet warm in cold weather.

The cost of ropes and tug dog toys

How much do dog ropes cost

Dogs that love sinking their teeth into something and pulling will love rope and tug toys.

The ropes are made of actual rope or strong material, while others are made of thick rubber.

Here’s how much rope and tug dog toys usually cost:

  • $14-$18 for a rope tug toy
  • $15-$20 for a suction cup tug toy (there’s a suction cup that attaches the rope to the floor so your dog can pull on the toy)
  • $15-$20 for a strong rubber toy

The cost of chew and teeth cleaning dog toys

How much do dog chew toys cost

While some dogs like to pull others love nothing more than sitting in one spot chewing on something, especially puppies and young dogs between 3 and 7 months of age that are teething.

Here’s how much these chew toys will cost you:

  • $7-$20 for flavored chews ($7 for one and up to $20 for a pack)
  • $9-$20 generic rubber chews
  • $13 for teeth cleaning toys

The cost of treat-dispensing dog toys

These are interactive dog toys that your dog can play with and get treats along the way.

The toy can be round, like a ball, with holes that dispense treats as the ball rolls along the floor. These roll and play treat-dispensing toys go for around $10-$20 and can provide hours of fun for your pet.

If you want something fancier, there are automated treat dispensers available for about $50.

The dog has to perform a task, such as putting their paw on a lever, for the toy to give them a treat. I don’t recommend using these toys with dogs who tend to overeat because they won’t want to stop treating themselves.

The cost of puzzle and thinker dog toys

puzzle feeder for dogs

If your dog is easily distracted and needs to work on building up a longer attention span, or they eat too fast, a puzzle toy is a wonderful toy to add to their toy box.

These puzzle toys have mazes or places to hide food and treats. Dogs have to look for and ‘work’ to get their food or treats, which teaches them patience and slows down their eating. This also works well with a dog’s natural hunting instinct for finding food.

A puzzle or thinker toy sells for $9 to $25 and will last many years.

I’ve researched and written a great post on which dogs need puzzles or slow feeders and why – click HERE to see it.

The cost of water toys for dogs

The price of water toys for dogs

Is your dog a water baby like mine? Then water toys are a wonderful way to make the water much more fun!

A simple water toy that your dog can chase and that floats on the water costs between $5 and $15.

Need somewhere to get the dog wet outside? Then you can get a dog pool or water sprayer for between $20 and $60, depending on the size of your dog.

How to know what toys to get your new puppy or dog

How much do stuffed dog toys cost

If you really aren’t sure what your puppy or new dog likes to play with, then a mixed toy pack is a great way to find out. You can get a packet of mixed dog toys for around $20. These packs often include balls, ropes, plush toys, chew toys, treat dispensers, and real treats.

TIP: Only give your dog treats from a trusted source such as a pet shop or grocery store. Never buy dog treats from online sellers that you don’t know or that could be selling something dangerous for your dog to eat, no matter how cheap the treats are.

Make sure that you’re around while your dog is exploring all their options, and watch to make sure that they don’t swallow any of the toys or hurt themselves.

Let your dog show you what they like to play with and how. You will soon know if they enjoy playing fetch, tugging on a rope, or cuddling a little stuffed bear.

If you’ve bought toys that you know your dog will never play with, why not give these toys to a local shelter for other dogs to enjoy.

Click here for a list of items to get for a new puppy.

How many toys should a dog have?

There’s really no reason to buy your dog a lot of dog toys all in one go. Just get 2-3 of each of your dog’s favorite toys.

I always have some of my dog’s favorite toys ready for him to play with: 2-3 balls, 1 flying disc, 2 puzzle toys, a box of chewy toys and treats, and a permanent dog pool in the backyard.

Keep most of the toys packed away and leave out 3 or 4 toys at a time. Clean dog toys regularly – click here to find out how to clean every type of dog toy…

If your dog plays with these toys then leave them out. If your dog gets bored with these toys, change them with the dog toys you have packed away, to add a little variety – dogs get bored with things just like we do, which is why it’s a great idea to mix things up a bit.

If you’re not around to see if your dog is still playing with the toys, just swap them out every week or so.

TIP: If your dog has a favorite toy that they always play with or snuggle, leave it out all the time. This could be a favorite ball to carry around or a plush toy to sleep with.

How often will you need to buy dog toys?

The truth is that you can buy dog toys as often as you want or need to. This will depend a lot on the breed of your dog, how quickly your dog destroys toys, and your budget.

Plan to buy at least 6 to 8 dog toys to start off with, especially if you know exactly what your dog likes to play with. Replace these dog toys when they are damaged or no longer work.

You can always buy a few more dog toys that you know your dog will love, if you have the budget for these fun playtime treats.

TIP: More isn’t always better when it comes to toys. Your dog will always love some toys to play with, but nothing beats love and attention from you.

Should you let your dog destroy toys?

Don’t let you dog destroy their toys. They could break the toys into smaller pieces and end up swallowing these pieces, and choke on them. If a toy is damaged and starting to break, throw it away immediately.

If you give your dog a toy and pieces of that toy start flying around the room, take the toy away from your dog and get something more durable, like a super chew.

Always watch your dog with new toys, to make sure this doesn’t happen.

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