Are Blankets Safe For Pups? Safety Tips And What To Watch For

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Your puppy needs a lot of sleep to grow up big, strong, and healthy. And the best thing to snuggle under for a good rest is a blanket. But you’re probably wondering if blankets are safe for your puppy.

Well, it turns out that…

Blankets are safe for puppies. Start your puppy off with a lightweight blanket and make sure your puppy can easily get out from under the blanket, so never tuck your puppy in tight.

It’s important to give your pup the right kind of blanket and teach it how to use blankets from a young age, to avoid problems that might arise. Let’s dive into everything you really need to know to make blankets safe for your pup and what the real risk is when puppies use blankets (it’s not suffocation).

Do puppies need blankets?

Photo of a beagle puppy sleeping under a blanket

All puppies need blankets no matter what season it is. Not all puppies are the same, so there’s no blanket that works for all puppies all the time. Your puppy’s blanket needs might change over time, with the weather and as it grows up.

Puppies need blankets because:

  • Puppies are very sensitive to the cold and blankets keep them warm
  • Puppies like to snuggle in blankets for comfort and security, much like human babies
  • Puppies that are sick need to be kept warm with blankets, so their body has a better chance to fight off infections

Should you cover a puppy with a blanket?

You can cover your puppy with a blanket if your puppy likes it and wants to be covered. If your puppy goes to sleep under the blanket, then your pup is happy. If your puppy climbs out from under the blanket, don’t force your pup to stay under the blanket.

If you do cover your puppy with a blanket, make sure the blanket is loose enough so your puppy can move around and decide whether it wants to sleep under, on top of, or next to the blanket.

You will soon learn whether your puppy likes to sleep under a blanket or not. I have one dog that will snooze for hours wrapped up in a blanket. My other dog doesn’t last more than 5 minutes before coming out for fresh air.

Can puppies suffocate under a blanket?

A puppy is very unlikely to suffocate under a blanket. When a puppy gets too hot, it will wiggle around looking for a way to get out from under the blanket. Start your puppy off with a light blanket that air can easily get through, and teach your puppy how to get out from under the cover.

Your pup will soon learn how to sleep under a blanket for warmth and how to get out when things get too hot.

If your puppy seems to struggle to get out from under a blanket or is a very heavy sleeper, don’t give your pup a large, heavy blanket to sleep under. Choose a light fleece blanket instead.

Even if your dog is a heavy sleeper or struggles to get out from under a blanket, it is extremely unlikely to suffocate under the blanket – a dog is more likely to overheat under a blanket than to suffocate.

According to Noah’s Ark Veterinary Hospital, here are some signs to look for to know if your dog is overheating:

  • Dry nose, mouth, and/or gums
  • Excessive panting
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Excessive drooling

If you think your puppy might be overheating, feel the skin inside its ear flap. If the skin feels hotter than usual, help your dog out from under the blanket and use these tips to cool your dog down.

What kinds of blankets can puppies have?

Lightweight polyester fleece, nylon, faux fur, Sherpa, quilted, coral fleece, and polar fleece are some of the best materials to use for puppy blankets.

Fleece is the most popular material for puppy blankets because these blankets are:

  • Lightweight enough to let air through so your puppy can breathe
  • Thick enough to keep your puppy warm
  • Soft enough for your puppy to snuggle into and feel safe
  • Machine washable
  • Last a long time
  • Tend not to collect dog hair

Puppies with short, thin coats and smaller breeds tend to feel the cold more and need thicker blankets than puppies with longer fur coats.

If you have a puppy that likes to chew and swallow non-food things, it’s better to invest in puppy-safe or chew-resistant blankets. These blankets are more durable and make it harder for your puppy to bite off pieces and swallow them, which is very dangerous and can choke your pup.

Do puppies need a blanket at night?

A puppy needs a blanket at night because its fur isn’t always enough to keep it warm. Every puppy needs at least one blanket, sometimes more. Your puppy will decide if it wants to use the blanket to stay warm or simply for comfort at night.

One thing we know for sure is that your puppy needs many hours of uninterrupted sleep at night to develop and grow. Click here to find out how many hours of sleep is “normal” for a healthy puppy (you might be surprised!)

Can you give a puppy a baby blanket?

Baby blankets are safe for puppies. These blankets are often very soft and snuggly, and thin enough to let air through so your dog can breathe under them.

My dogs have baby blankets in their dog beds and they love them.

Final thoughts

Blankets are safe for puppies and every pup needs at least one blanket to snuggle under. Help your pup learn how to safely use its blanket by showing it how to climb under and out of the blanket.

Start with a light fleece blanket and, if your pup still gets cold, add some more blankets to your puppy’s bed or crate, or get your pup a warmer blanket to use.

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